Friday, February 6, 2015

Baking a Cake

For a while, I thought I've gotten used to the fact that two of my best friends have moved out of the country where we all met... until recently. I rummaged through old footage of videos that I shot last year. Then I found these clips of video footage of us baking a cake a la Dauntless chocolate cake from Divergent. Thinking that I should compile these videos together, I went through all of them so I can decide which shots to take.

The result:

None of us three remember that any of these tiny moments actually happened. It was all too vague in our memory, so I'm really glad I was able to film that moment and made it into something we could look back to. Going through the clips made me laugh (there were some pretty stupid and funny stuff that we said in the duration of these clips) but cry and feel all the feels of nostalgia and sadness so my emotions resulted into this ugly crylaughing that I don't even understand.

Also, I'm going to try to blog on a weekly basis. I think I'm going to try something new by writing more about controversial and widely-known topics, ones that I have strong views on such as feminism, religion and mental illness as well as personal experiences like the struggles of PCOS, health issues, being agnostic and whatnot. So yeah, I'm hoping this all turns out well and that I actually stick to this plan (forgive me if I don't).

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Light Adventures

I've never really been to an art exhibition/gallery. At least, not a proper one if a museum with paintings and crafts count. I appreciate art and everything, but no gallery or exhibition has ever made me feel so inspired, so in awe as much as the Seeing Through Light by the Guggenheim Exhibition so far.

My best friend and I have been planning for weeks to go to this exhibition. However, our forgetfulness hindered us from doing so. Thus, we promised ourselves that we should go over the weekend before the winter holidays end. Since we both have oh-so-wonderful motivation to do things, we forgot... again! 

Fast-forward to the near end of the winter holidays, I suddenly remembered out of nowhere that there is an art exhibition that I have been dying to go to. So I looked it up on the interwebs only to find out that the last day would be on a weekday and that I don't have time to go because work and stuffff! 

Starting to get all anxious and eager to go, I Whats-apped my friend on that last day and told her, "Today is the last day of the exhibition. You have to come with me and ditch school!" Like the good influence of a friend that I am. 

And so we met up, commuted to the place, goofed around before going inside, entered the exhibition, looked around, got stunned by the artworks, got my camera, filmed and... well, here's the video.

The experience was breathtaking. 

Seeing Through Light: Selections from the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Collection is a temporary art exhibit that will be open to the public in the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi soon enough, complete with all of the artworks from the collection. It is an exhibit that merely focuses on light and the viewer's perspective, making this a somewhat new take on art as opposed to traditional art. 

There were five sections in the exhibition: Perceptual, Reflected, Activated, Transcendent and Celestial. 

Perceptual Light

My favourite section amongst all of the sections within the exhibition. The reason why I loved this section is because it's all about perception hence its name/title. 

We went though this piece by Dough Wheeler. At first, we were told that cameras were not allowed and shoes must be covered. Once we got inside, all we could see was this perfect neon white bordered square right in front of us. "Like it's something out of a 1975 album cover." as my best friend would put it. Suddenly, we started to notice that the room seemed to look foggy. Now this is the part where I started to feel all high and woozy. I literally thought I was floating on air. It looked like I was just in a grey foggy space with a floating square and no walls.

The guard was standing nearby so we asked him why the room has fog in it. He told us that there is no fog in the room and that this is simply the trick of a light done by the neon borders of the square; This makes the room look foggy and the square look like it's floating. The reason why cameras are not allowed is because it wouldn't show up the same way on screens thus, ruining the art.

Later on, we were asked to go ahead and touch the walls. We were amazed to realize how further the wall actually is. After that, we were asked to touch the corners of the ceiling. More surprises, the room's corners are actually curved. 

Yup... Funny how the light and your mind can be so cunning and play tricks on you.

Reflected Light

The reflected light is the section that takes me back to my childhood where I would play with my mirror or my shadows and it would consume me for hours. Reflective light was all about the mystical aesthetic of light. It was deep, almost spiritual. Each of the reflections I saw showed different perspectives from where I am as the viewer.

Transcendent Light

The most traditional section of them all. Transcendent light section's pieces were more of paintings, art on canvas kind of thing. It's more about architecture, geometry and mystical thought, similar to reflected light. Unlike perceptual light, transcendent light is more subtle, more self-reflective than logical or technical. You don't realize how the artworks affect the way you see light until you look hard enough. As you slowly see things, you start to appreciate art the way it is. 

Activated Light

Activated light is the interaction between light and sound, and between that and the viewer. I must say that this is the most modern part of the whole exhibition as it involved a lot of technology. It was fun to connect two senses together. It reminds me of how alive I am for seeing and hearing something so wonderful. 

What I liked most in this section was the light and sound installation of Hassan Khan. The way the music was made impressed me so much. Different musicians played their instruments separately in different places. Together, these sounds were compiled or overlapped with each other to make a whole new stunning piece of music. It surprised me how the composition sounded so pleasing and cohesive despite the fact that these different instruments were played separately from each other.

Celestial Light

Last but not the least, celestial light. I'm pretty sure celestial light is almost everyone's favourite. Since everyone was talking and posting about it, it wasn't much of a surprise to see. However, I could understand what all the hype is about. 

The infinity mirrored room is the dream room that a lot of us have always wanted. It's a room surrounded by fairy lights, mirrors and water, evoking the feeling of being infinite as everything reflects to each other. It was a pretty freaking heavenly and magical experience to be in that room. 

And I kid you not, almost every person on Instagram has some inspiring quote to caption for their photo of this room.

☽ ☽ ☽

So yeah, there it was. This has become a pretty long post than usual so I'm going to end it here. I hope you all enjoyed the story telling of my art adventure. ☽

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Turned 18, First Job, Sem-Break and Where-The-Fudge-Have-I-Been-Since-Last-Year

I know it's late but... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY READERS!!

I mean, it's only been like 22 days since the new year started so it still counts right? RIGHT???

I don't know why, but the beginning of the new year is always that time where people get a little bit annoying by saying, "Oh, I haven't showered since last year hehehhehe" or seeing your friends after the break and hearing, "I haven't seen you since last year hohoho" or "I peed from last year to this year."

... And I am one of those people. And I haven't blogged since last year. I was way too busy with working during the holidays that I didn't have the time to do anything, even study for the final exams which were one week after the holidays. But I am back! And it is now my semester break since I won't be taking a winter semester so I have all the time in the world.

So I'm 18 years old now. I turned 18 on December 16th. My parents threw a big fancy party and it was a little bit awkward for me because I'm not the type of person who likes birthday parties as they have to focus on me, the birthday girl. So there's this part where I have to receive gifts and messages and all that from people I rarely even talk to so I'm just sitting on stage awkwardly smiling and pretending like I'm enjoying it but I'm actually dying on the inside.

Being eighteen where I am right now isn't very different besides having legal access to cigarettes (and other smoking things), driving, concert access and job opportunities.

First Job

So I got my first job ever as an 18-day promoter for a tissue company that is willing to pay 544 bucks (roughly). And let me tell you, BEING A PROMOTER IS HARD YOU GUIZE! You literally have to go to every person you see and convince them to check out this product you're promoting and that it's OH-SO-AWESOME and like, you know they're just tissues but wow these tissues are gonna make a difference in YO LYF and they're special like snowflakes bla bla bla... for eight hours. There are a lot of things that I have learned from my experience of being a promoter.

1. Know your product
I was given a brief explanation of the product I would be promoting. However, that brief explanation was not enough to convince people to check it out or buy it. They asked so many questions that I had no idea what were the answers to.

2. Samples do make a difference
People asked whether or not the tissues are like this or that and I have to actually pretend that these are the tissues that they are looking for just to be able to sell them. I had no samples so I ended up having to buy one of these packs of tissues and distribute samples myself to the people who are interested. It actually made my sales go up a bit.

3. Have a thick skin
Promoters sort of have a bad reputation with customers. Apparently, we are annoying, too pushy etc. etc. Whenever we ask for someone to check out our product, some people would reject us and smile. That's fine. But there are those wonderful people who would literally ignore us or walk out of their way to the opposite direction of where we are. Also, I had this couple that I asked to check out the product and at first, they showed some interest so I started telling them about the product until I realized that they weren't listening and started looking at other things, poker-faced as if I wasn't speaking or just talking to a wall. They left in the middle of this one-sided conversation like nothing even happened.

4. Shoes
Yes, your feet will hurt... like HELL. So wear something that's comfortable. Something that's at least one or half a size bigger than your feet because at the end of the day, your feet are bigger and it would be too uncomfortable to have tight shoes on your already dying feet. Use shoes with a little bit of heel so that you have support. Brogues are nice too so switch them up every once in a while. Foot gels are life savers so stack them up in them shoes. And drink lots of water.

5. Panadol and Ice are my best friends. 

Good thing for me, I have to only do this for 18 days and only on weekends. I've met other promoters who are doing this on a daily basis as a permanent job. So be kind to promoters, people. You may find it annoying that they have to keep talking about this product that you should check out but hey, it's their job. People who are actually kind to them actually make their day.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Festivals... lots of festivals!

Let's play a game called, How Many Posts Will Start With "So it's been a while"'s Game!

SO it's been a while...

I haven't posted in almost 2 months! I missed blogging about random things but lately, I've been really busy with course work and volunteering.

But before any of that, these are the stuff that's been happening in my life over the past two months in my life.

Club Festival

Day 1

Cultural Clubs

Since I joined the Japanese club, I decided to be a part of the club's performance during the festival. For weeks, we worked hard and rehearsed hardcore in order to perfect our performance. There was a lot of fluid movement, footwork, jumping and running. My feet were sore and had blisters that went on for days. To be honest, I had no idea how on earth we were going to be able to do the dance seeing as it seemed quite complicated. However, as we progressed, everything came together and oh my god, we were amazing.

We performed a Japanese dance called, Senbon Sakura which means A thousand (sen) cherry blossoms (sakura).  The best part about being in this performance was that we get to wear a Yukata. A Yukata is a casual summer kimono with lovely patterns designed on the fabric and a pretty obi to tie it around with. 

Our club borrowed some yukatas from a few Japanese friends and the first time I saw the yukatas, I was so overwhelmed. When I was asked to pick one, I became indecisive. I just wanted to wear them all. By the end, I chose this one.

I wish I could keep the yukata forever but they had to be returned to their rightful owners. Bless their souls. :))

We didn't win the competition but in the end, it was an overall fun experience.

Day 2

Recreational Clubs

As I've previously mentioned, I auditioned for the music club and I got in. The club decided to play a mash-up of two songs, I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz and Say Something by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera. I played the ukulele, of course. I was asked to sing but honestly, I'm not that confident about my singing voice yet and quite frankly, I'm a bit terrified of ruining the song with it.

We had a wonderful piano solo at the beginning accompanied by a nice silhouette dance about this woman who found out she has cancer and it was pretty sad along with our song but the performance was pretty good. There was a smoke machine which I thought was pretty cool. The only issue that we had was the technical difficulty we had with the microphones.

The good part, though, was that we won! And it was great because our club leader was happy and everyone was cheering for our club to win.

Volunteer Work

Besides club activities, I've also been busy with volunteer work. So far, this year, I've volunteered for two festivals: Our local Film Festival and our local Science Festival.

 Film Festival

What made me excited to volunteer for the film festival this year is that I am actually legible to do so since I am a university student now. I was pretty bummed last year when I found out that I was not allowed to volunteer since I was not 18 yet nor was I in university.

Sad to say, I didn't fully get the experience out of  this year's festival that I expected because it felt incomplete. My best friend wasn't around to volunteer with me and there weren't a lot of people just like the last time I volunteered two years ago. 

It just didn't feel the same. I'm still glad I got to volunteer, eat free food and see films though.

Science Festival

So I had to work, or volunteer considering I wasn't getting paid, as a science communicator during the science festival this year for my natural sciences course. 

Of course, I did not simply volunteer just for the free twenty percent of my marks but as well as for my simple interest in volunteering. 

We had a training day off-site and on-site. I got to know a few of the instructors and found them really interesting since they came from UK or Australia and I think their accents are pretty cool. 

I met a few people like Gus, Imi, Fiona and Lewis who were all amazing and talented at what they do. 

I was placed in two workshops: the Animal Agents and the zoo (which is more of an exhibit than a workshop). 

In Animal Agents, I had to deal with little kids and help them dig up some fake specimen which was kind of fun but also one of the most challenging things I've had to do ever. Some kids are just evil. 

The best experience I've had was the zoo since it was my first time ever to hold a lot of reptiles. We had turtles, tortoises, a milk snake, an albino Burmese python, an iguana and a bearded dragon which were all pretty cool. 

I held a snake and a blue-tongued skink, touched a python and witnessed a tortoise take a crap out of a zoo educator's hand.

Oh, an I got emotionally attached to an Iguana named, Steve. I officially want a pet green Iguana. 

Volunteering was pretty tiring and there are some days where I ask myself whether I should keep going or not. But then I am reminded of the fun experiences I've had on the events themselves and the amazing people I met during those few days I'm with them. In the end, it's something different and simply won't repeat itself. <3

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A New Chapter: Universit-eyyy

Almost five weeks have gone by since I started uni. I go to a local university in my city, about an hour away. I decided to major in Marketing and minor in Media Studies. But this won't be applied until my second year, if I stay that long.

During the first few days, I was quite ill and was not able to go by my first week as smoothly as I wanted it to be. My colds were awful and the chest coughs that came along with it were hard to suppress. This went on for weeks and became a downside to making good first impressions. :P

Me during the first week of uni

However, I did make friends on my first day which is UNBuhLIEVABOL. Before I went to uni on the first day, I was worried I wouldn't be able to make friends easily. It was honestly scary for me to think that I could possibly spend the rest of the semester alone, having a few acquaintances here and there. Thankfully, lots of people were friendly. But then there's also that paranoia that I might be too clingy.

Most of the time, my friends and I hang out in the student union which is basically like a student lounge with bean bag chairs, couches, a tv and some other forms of ways to entertain ourselves while we wait until our next class, or we eat in the cafeteria. The library is only an option if we want to go study or do our online homeworks. During my vacant times spent alone, I try to pass the time by using the PS3 whenever I have the time to do so or talk with my boyfriend whilst eating.

First week down, and I'm already pretty sure that I've made a circle of friends that I constantly talk to on a daily basis.

Second week came and it was more of exploring the university and getting settled. Not much happened that week, I think. I did meet more people tho.

During the third week, the uni held a club fair which I took as an opportunity to socialize and be a part of cool clubs. This was honestly what I was looking forward to since the first day.This higher-ed(is that a word??) my expectations and so, I decided to join as many clubs as I could. And guess what? I overestimated myself to do so because now, I barely have any vacant time to go to all the club meeting which, by the way, are almost all held on the same time and day. I ended up dropping two clubs to make time for the others.

Fourth week happened like a blink of an eye. The music club told me that I have to go through an audition so I could get in and I decided to sing and play my ukulele. This made me incredibly nervous considering I've never played in front of a crowd but lots of people thought I did great. I played Riptide by Vance Joy because I knew it by heart so much. The rest of my fourth week consisted of people telling me how great I did and that they'd love to see me play more. I know it sounds wonderful but I swear, I cracked my voice at the beginning because I was too nervous and had to apologize to everyone.

Nailing it

So far, everything is okay, really. Except for statistics because kdfjbsdkjbsglkbr. It's oddly much more chill than high school but that's probably because I'm still in my first semester of freshman year. There are some downsides to being in this uni that I go to but I think I can live with that for a year. But for more than that? I don't know. It's comfortable to be here but that's one of the reasons why I don't want to stay.

My uni life seems so mundane but there are some things that doesn't make it seems so bad to me as I thought. OH and the great thing is that being in uni opened me to so many wonderful things like being able to volunteer in the film festival this year once again, volunteer as a science communicator for the science festival and a bunch of other stuff. I had my interview for my part-time job, had my CV made and all that and I NAILEDDD ITTT. I got accepted which is awesooome.

Most of it was of me talking about how I love volunteering, socializing with humans and being calm under pressure when really...