Sunday, October 5, 2014

A New Chapter: Universit-eyyy

Almost five weeks have gone by since I started uni. I go to a local university in my city, about an hour away. I decided to major in Marketing and minor in Media Studies. But this won't be applied until my second year, if I stay that long.

During the first few days, I was quite ill and was not able to go by my first week as smoothly as I wanted it to be. My colds were awful and the chest coughs that came along with it were hard to suppress. This went on for weeks and became a downside to making good first impressions. :P

Me during the first week of uni

However, I did make friends on my first day which is UNBuhLIEVABOL. Before I went to uni on the first day, I was worried I wouldn't be able to make friends easily. It was honestly scary for me to think that I could possibly spend the rest of the semester alone, having a few acquaintances here and there. Thankfully, lots of people were friendly. But then there's also that paranoia that I might be too clingy.

Most of the time, my friends and I hang out in the student union which is basically like a student lounge with bean bag chairs, couches, a tv and some other forms of ways to entertain ourselves while we wait until our next class, or we eat in the cafeteria. The library is only an option if we want to go study or do our online homeworks. During my vacant times spent alone, I religiously use the PS3 whenever I have the time to do so or Skype with my boyfriend whilst eating.

First week down, and I'm already pretty sure that I've made a circle of friends that I constantly talk to on a daily basis.

Second week came and it was more of exploring the university and getting settled. Not much happened that week, I think. I did meet more people tho.

During the third week, the uni held a club fair which I took as an opportunity to socialize and be a part of cool clubs. This was honestly what I was looking forward to since the first day.This higher-ed(is that a word??) my expectations and so, I decided to join as many clubs as I could. And guess what? I overestimated myself to do so because now, I barely have any vacant time to go to all the club meeting which, by the way, are almost all held on the same time and day. I ended up dropping two clubs to make time for the others.

Fourth week happened like a blink of an eye. The music club told me that I have to go through an audition so I could get in and I decided to sing and play my ukulele. This made me incredibly nervous considering I've never played in front of a crowd but lots of people thought I did great. I played Riptide by Vance Joy because I knew it by heart so much. The rest of my fourth week consisted of people telling me how great I did and that they'd love to see me play more. I know it sounds wonderful but I swear, I cracked my voice at the beginning because I was too nervous and had to apologize to everyone.

Nailing it

So far, everything is okay, really. Except for statistics because kdfjbsdkjbsglkbr. It's oddly much more chill than high school but that's probably because I'm still in my first semester of freshman year. There are some downsides to being in this uni that I go to but I think I can live with that for a year. But for more than that? I don't know. It's comfortable to be here but that's one of the reasons why I don't want to stay.

My uni life seems so mundane but there are some things that doesn't make it seems so bad to me as I thought. OH and the great thing is that being in uni opened me to so many wonderful things like being able to volunteer in the film festival this year once again, volunteer as a science communicator for the science festival and a bunch of other stuff. I had my interview for my part-time job, had my CV made and all that and I NAILEDDD ITTT. I got accepted which is awesooome.

Most of it was of me talking about how I love volunteering, socializing with humans and being calm under pressure when really...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stuff I never knew about that happens...

 FINALLY! I've fought the constant urge to keep watching YouTube videos and start writing once again. The only time I ever visit my blog is whenever I make a change in my blogger theme. I think I'm more concerned about how my blog looks rather than its content. So I am having a rather hard time on being consistent towards writing but that's because a lot of things have kept me busy (or so I'd like to think) these past few weeks.

First thing's first, I'm the realest I'm going to university in my hometowncity after all. I'm not very happy about that, I'm not very upset about it either. Just kind of really bitter whenever the thought of it comes up. My fingers are still crossed for sophomore year, hoping to be a transfer student. Classes start next week and I can honestly say that I am not the least bit excited. Oddly enough, I feel way too neutral about it.

The past few weeks have been nothing but a series of clinic visits, dozens of blood tests(and more to come), going out, desert heat, gym and getting healthy. Apparently, I am quite sick. I also have a stupid summer flu(ish) that I just caught the other day which is just perfect timing since I have orientation tomorrow.

Metronome at The Space

Metronome Jam Night at The Space (credits to White Cube)
The Space Menu (credits to White Cube)

However, interesting things did happen. My friends and I attended something called, White Cube (Metronome), a local organization that holds gigs/events for people with many talents; mostly musicians. Things or events such as White Cube, Speak AD and other local events aimed towards artists, poets, musicians, an audience with artistic or musical interests etc. are quite rare where I'm from. So when I heard about White Cube for the first time, I could not believe that there's such a thing! At the same time, I was frustrated at myself for not knowing about it earlier. WHAT OTHER THINGS HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT ON??

Maria, Nadia, Me and Rabab and the White Cube (credits to White Cube)

Panic Writing
(credits to White Cube)
The event was lively and wonderful. The bands, duos and solos that played during the set were amazing. We took a lot of photos with them. Unfortunately, I only have a few from my phone. It was honestly one of the most memorable events I've ever been to.

With the band member of When The Night Comes
With the band member of When The Night Comes

A selfie before the event
This dude named, Charlie, from the band called, "Nikotin" had a pick stuck on his forehead. He happily gave one of his to Maria. We asked him how he stuck it to his forehead. In response, he told us, "Just lick it and stick it on your forehead." which we happily did not get to do since our sweat already did the job. I think Maria's sweat and my sweat merged through this guitar pick as we took turn taking selfies with it. 
The event took place in The Space which was pretty far but it was a pretty cool space to chill in. Plus, the bus ride home was fun!

Art books and magazines at The Space's book shelf

Pretentiously posing and reading
It honestly did not feel like I was in the country that I'm in. It felt like a whole new environment. Like I'm in a cafe someplace else, enjoying a jam night as if it was something I do on most of my Saturday nights. Deep down inside, I secretly dream of performing one day with Maria and my ukulele. But first, let me get rid of the horrible fear that I might miss a chord or crack my voice during my performance.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sexy Smooth Songs In a Sexy Smooth Playlist

Lately, I have been so obsessed with some songs and remixes, particularly Constant Conversations by Passion Pit, Gooey by Glass Animals and Latch by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith. These songs sound incredibly sexy, some smooth... but definitely sexy. It kinda gets me into that singing and weird dancing feeling. Kinda like how people are dancing in this Electric Feel music video by MGMT.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel | A Wes Anderson Appreciation Post

So I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel not too long ago.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a film directed and written by the one and only, the amazing, the wonderful legendary person in the world of film, Wes Anderson. The film tells the story of Gustave H., the Grand Budapest Hotel's concierge, and Zero Moustafa, his bell boy who, later on, becomes a trusted friend. Together they go through a series of obstacles such as a stolen priceless Renaissance painting and fighting over a huge family fortune. Furthermore, it includes multiple disguises and traveling across multiple places at a time.


LIKE SERIOUSLY, the colour palette and overall theme of this film was way beyond amazing. I mean, LOOK AT THAT.

Of course, just like any other Wes Anderson film, Grand Budapest Hotel was an extremely funny film. However, I find that this film is particularly funny in such a way that the dialogues, scene transitioning, acting and characters all blend together so beautifully and really makes the film stand out.

I recommend this film to pretty much everyone or anyone who wants to watch a really good film and have a really good laugh. Props to Mr. Wes Anderson for making such a wonderful movie.


Monday, July 7, 2014

We Need To Talk About Kevin

We Need To Talk About Kevin is a psychological thriller film adaptation  from its novel (which I haven't read yet but looking forward to) by Lionel Shriver. The film was directed by Lynne Ramsay; starring Ezra Miller, Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilley.

The film tackles with the common debate on nature vs nurture along with the different real world dilemmas such as parenting, motherhood, its effects and its roles and how the community or the people involved reacts to it and whatnot.

The film is about a mother, Eva, whose struggle focuses on her first-born child, Kevin. The relationship she experiences with her son during his birth through growing up is shown as complicated. From the constant crying during Kevin's infancy to the non empathetic attitude he has shown during his older years, there is no doubt that the relationship between Kevin and his mother is distant, cold.

Eva decides to confront her husband, Franklin, about Kevin's behaviour and how it affects her but he decided not to take this as a critical issue. Kevin, in Franklin's eyes, seems just like any other boy. However, later on, Eva begins to see signs of violent and harsh attitude from Kevin in which his actions resulted into severe consequence.


Throughout the film, all I could wonder is, "Why?. Like "Why does Kevin hate his mother so much?" "Why must he be so cold and distant?" "Why must the community shun her so much for whatever it is that had happened?"  It starts off with Eva constantly being shunned, insulted, shamed or harassed by almost everyone around her whether it may be her neighbours, colleagues or community, making her live out of fear and recluse.

At first I could not understand why and was eager enough to want to know what it is that resulted to such hatred. The film transitions between the flashbacks and memories during Eva's motherhood and then to her present self. This helps us understand why everyone around her despises her so much and put the pieces together.

I love the way this film was directed. I think Lynne Ramsay did a really great job transitioning from a calm atmosphere (making them seem like a normal family for a moment) into a tense, melancholic one. This shows the two sides of Eva, one that struggling with her son's strange and inappropriate behaviour, the other struggling with its consequence, the aftermath; both not very different from each other. And most importantly, I'd like to really acknowledge the great acting between Ezra Miller and Tilda Swinton. They delivered the character's emotions so wonderfully.

And the ending would leave you haunting just like the way it did to Eva. Could it be that it was her fault? Or could it have just been something that was out of her control?  It really makes you think.

The film is altogether horrifying, heartbreaking, depressing and thought provoking. It's making me wonder if its book is the same, if not much more.